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stepped FRP slot drainage channel

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Advantages of polymer concrete trench drain

1. The primary material of finished polymer concrete trench drain is polymer concrete, which replaces the traditional trench drain material of bricklaying and cast-in-place cement. The material is hard, anti-vibration, compression and bending strength, anti-chemical corrosion, anti-biological corrosion.

2. The finished polymer concrete trench drain has high strength, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Compared with the traditional one, it is cost-effective. It is very popular in foreign markets and is widely used in city streets, community squares, shopping malls, exhibition hall parks, docks, ports, airports, and other demanding fields.

3. The finished polymer concrete trench drain is also very advantageous in terms of installation and maintenance. The construction channel is shallow, easy to find slopes, easy to construct, safe to install, fast, and can ensure the construction period.

4. The finished polymer trench drain is a modular control system. Different specifications can actively respond to the drainage requirements of various types of buildings. Due to the linear continuous performance of water collection, the water collection area is large, and the drainage capacity is better than traditional point trench drain. No water will remain on the road.

5. The finished polymer concrete trench drain can define the area and enhance the sense of environment. If the same ground paving raw materials are used around different environments, then the finished polymer concrete trench drain can be used on the trench drain to customize it into a unique look. It is used to become the boundary of different regions, and implement the division of regional scope, so that it can strengthen the sense of regional environment.


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