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surface drainage channel with stainless steel 304 grating

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The advantages of drainage channel with stainless steel 304 grating are: corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, lead-free, no rust, non-greasy, easy to clean, easy to maintain! The channel has good physical performance and is suitable for such place which stains and oils is heavy as hotel kitchens, car washes, etc. 

The extra-large drainage spacing of the stainless steel grating cover increases the water flow area and speeds up the ground drainage speed. At the same time, it will not block the drainage holes due to debris, which can effectively keep the ground clean.

Polymer concrete is a product that has no side effects on the environment. It belongs to the second category of green and environmentally friendly materials. It is not affected by environmental factors,not to releases harmful substances and without chemical residues. It is an ideal environmentally friendly material.

Fujian Yete Industry Co.,Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of drainage drainage covers, stainless steel manhole covers, stainless steel grass planting manhole covers, polymer concrete drainage channel, sump pit, curbs, etc. Users in all regions of the world who need to purchase the above materials are welcome to call us to learn more about our products. We will definitely provide you with professional services.


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