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traditional SS201 floor kerb drainage channel

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1. Good load-bearing performance and light weight

The finished trench drain is made of polymer concrete, which is lighter than regular concrete and has better load-bearing performance. It can pass vehicles and is suitable for parking lots and places with high load-bearing requirements.

2. Strong acid and alkali resistance and good corrosion resistance

The acid-base resistance of the finished trench drain reaches PH1---10, and the corrosion resistance is very strong, and the resistance to biological sulfuric acid erosion and acid soil is very good. The finished trench drain has no pores and no water absorption, which can prevent organisms from growing and destroying on its surface, and does not give harmful organisms any chance of survival. For long-term ultra-high-concentration chemical attack, because it is made of polymer concrete, the damage only occurs on the surface of the channel, and cannot penetrate into the interior of the trench drain, destroying the structural strength of the channel.

3. Diverse specifications, support customization

The size of the finished trench drain can be customized according to the actual needs of the project, flexible and changeable, and the surface can be painted to better echo the surrounding landscape.

4. High drainage efficiency, not easy to be blocked

The finished trench drain is designed linearly, and the water collection area is much larger than that of the point drain.

5. Simple and generous appearance, suitable for landscape engineering

The finished trench drain can be matched with many kinds of coves, such as ductile iron covers, stainless steel covers, etc. The overall appearance is simple and generous, and it can be compatible with many ground laying, and it is also suitable for landscape engineering.

6. Easy construction and installation, saving engineering cost

The finished trench drain has the advantages of convenience, convenient transportation, etc. At the same time, it is convenient and quick to connect and install, and it will improve the water tightness of the entire drainage system. The installation steps are simple and the technical requirements are low, which can save labor and shorten the construction period.

7. Easy to maintain with long service life

The finished trench drain, if installed and constructed under the correct construction specifications, has a long service life. It only needs to be cleaned regularly and easily maintained in the later period. Therefore, compared with ordinary cement concrete or HDPE and other material trench drain, the economic benefit of finished trench drain is much higher than other materials.


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